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Planning, execution, accountability and support

Planning, execution, accountability and support Planning, execution, accountability and support




"Michael has been a coach and mentor of mine for over 10 years.  I started as a sales intern fresh out of college and with his support and advisory talent now have founded a multi-million dollar company in one of America's most growing industries.  The biggest reward in his coaching is that he challenges me and holds me to metrics.  A lot of people are motivated, determined, and smart.  But do they have the discipline to attack goals and avoid distractions.  I would recommend Michael to anyone looking to enhance their business and personal career. "

Andrew Meyers - Founder/CEO - Kaptyn


I met Mike Collins almost 20 years ago when it was suggested I contact him for assistance with a real estate deal gone bad.  Things worked out and thus started a relationship that evolved from mentor to coach to partner.  Mike has coached and supported me through numerous business transactions as well as a number of changes in my life.  While working with Mike I built and then sold a sizable residential real estate portfolio.  Since then he has assisted me in focusing my energies in other business investment opportunities.  Currently, I am pleased to state that Mike is a consultant and one of my partners in ROK Fitness,  Mike has extensive business and life experience as well as a significant network of contacts as well as other resources which can be beneficial to anyone in business and/or who is just looking for some guidance and support.  If you are looking for a mentor and coach, I highly recommend working with Mike.

Michael Hawksby - President - ROK Fitness


So, you’re thinking about investing in some business coaching. Whew! – It’s expensive huh? Or is it? I’ve worked with Mike Collins since 1993 when we were both rising managers in the Real Estate Lending Industry. Well, Michael went on to build a company the he owned into a business doing $400 million a year in loan volume. Meanwhile, I continued to work for someone else … and continued; and continued. 

Fast forward to 2006 when I finally opened my own business for the 1st time. Michael had two other businesses and several investments by then. Hey, it was easy for me to work with Mike as a coach, because I already knew Michael knew what he was doing and had made the mistakes I was about to make. Michael had already put the controls in place and invested wisely to sustain the inevitable downturns that every business, yes even your business, will experience. 

You know he never told me what to do. He just asks questions like a good friend does and my answers told him where I was. Then Michael fed me only the information that encouraged me, or deterred me and convinced me those were my ideas that I should act on. Hard to explain really. They were my ideas, or were they? Does it matter? 

Fast forward to today and now I work for myself instead of making corporations money … and I’ve doubled that business in each of the last three years. I talk to my friend Michael once a week, or more in some weeks. Just a coincidence probably, or is it? Does it matter?

It’s expensive right? Do the math. 

Joe Child - CEO - PressGoManagement -