Manasquan, NJ, USA

Planning, execution, accountability and support



I am an entrepreneur and businessman who thoroughly enjoys the game of business.  I have been in the lending and real estate industry for 25+ years, most of those self-employed.  I was the President and Partner of a Mortgage Company for 16 years,  have worked on Wall Street and I have been a real estate investor for 20+ years.  I have been a consultant and investor in numerous industries, ranging from transportation technology in Las Vegas to a high end health club in NY.  Currently I am a Partner in a Fix and Flip Hard Money fund that lends on projects nationwide.  My coaching passion evolved from a philosophy of always working with college interns plus a consultative approach to sales and marketing.  I have attended the Tony Robbins UPW training and yes, I did walk on hot coals!  I have also attended the Dale Carnegie class 2x and have been a Graduate Assistant 4x.  For the past half decade I have had the privilege to work with Trevor McGregor who is an internationally recognized success coach.